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Our Intervention While Drilling Services

As a case based reasoning implementation, DrillEdge is a decision support tool to perform Intervention While Drilling workflow which has helped oil and gas operators  around the world lower risk and reduce NPT while improving drilling performance.

It reuses past problem (case) information for comparison and matching with ongoing operations to predict upcoming potential problem. A case match indicates symptom similarity which linked to lessons learned and best practices from the past problem. It will automatically generate an event tag & notification for users to take action. Case information comes from Forensic Analysis.

Intervention While Drilling


  • Comes with standard case library, automatically detect symptoms from common drilling problems
  • Intuitive visual indication and information presentation with e-mail alert notification
  • ¬†Easy set-up via standard protocols (WITSML)


  • Recall lessons learned and best practices and link past operations to drilling in real time
  • Leverage experience over multiple wells and reduce learning curve for new technical staff
  • Safeguard people and assets in real time. Improving customer botom line

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