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Our RoIP Services

Radio Over IP unique solution for voice communication between remote operations sites and HQ. BigNet solution upgrades conventional two-way VHF/UHF radio circuit to be IP-enabled system and extends its reach beyond physical limitation of radio signal coverage. BigNet RoIP system is easy to use without any changes in common Handy Transceivers (HT), has crystal clear modulation and can be use on private or public network.

  • Features

    • In-house technology development by BigNet
    • Up to 255 ROIP gateways with unlimited clients (Handy Transceivers, PCs, Mobile Devices)
    • Up to 255 radio channels per system deployment


    • Ease of communication for command and coordination between operations teams on locations
      and headquarter personnel from anywhere anytime
    • Easily expandable and highly scalable to cater future operational needs.
    • Cost effective solution. Rental option for new setup & no additional CAPEX for existing radio circuits

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