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Our IP-VSAT Services

Powered by IPSTAR high throughput satellite with installed capacity of 45 Gbps in the sky, BigNet IP VSAT  service  offers  high  speed  broadband  connectivity  over  satellite with  unmatched  performance and cost-effective price point over conventional satellite services.

Leveraged with its spot beam technology in addition to traditional shaped beam footprint,  dynamic power  allocation  to  overcome  rain  fade  and  earth  sta tion  diversity  loca tions  in  country  for  high availability, customers can apply the service for mission-critical use cases with  great confidence.

  • Features

    • 99.8% SLA guarantee with advanced ECC (Error Correction Coding), ACM (Adaptive Coding &  Modulation), and DSS (Diversity Site Switching mechanisms.
    • Layer-4 IP-ready network with star configuration.
    • Flexible bandwidth schema


    • High availability and reliability with smaller antenna dish size
    • Ready to support multiple applications for customer ICT needs such as e-mail and internet access, VOIP, video conferencing, CCTV monitoring, etc
    • On-demand provisioning and pay-per-use spending

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